"The German Order" with Oak and Swords.

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"Deutscher Orden"
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Marked: "München 9" and with Adolf Hitler signature on reverse.
The German Order with Oak leaves and swords was designed by Benno von Arent.
The German Order took the form of a black enamel cross with gold eagles between the arms. The centerpiece was the "Golden Party Badge" and a facsimile of Hilters signature appeared on the reverse, reinforcing the personal nature of the award. The award was to be hung around the neck from distinctive ribbon identical to that of the "Blood Order".

The only known recipients were:
- 9 June 1942: SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich - 22 June 1942 Adolf Huhnlein (NSKK) - 8 May 1943 Viktor Lutze (SA) - 3 October 1944 Josef Bürckel (Gauleiter) - 7 October 1944 Rudolf Schmundt (General) - 24 February 1945 Konstantin Hieri (Reicharbeitsführer) - 12 April 1945 Karl Hanke (Gauleiter) - 28 April 1945 Artur Axmann (Reichsjugendführer)