SS-Brigadeführer Hermann Fegelein

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Unbelievable good authentic repro of Brigadeführer Hermann Fegeleins Uniform in 8. SS-Kavallerie-Division "Florian Geyer". Made in Feldgrau "Gabarin".

Hermann Fegelein was married to Eva Braus sister Gretl Braunwork, and worked in Hitler's staff as Himmler's adjutant and representative of the Waffen SS in The Bunker at the end of the war.

The Uniform is supplied with:
- SS-Collar tabs in silver for "SS-Brigadeführer".- SS Officer sleeve eagle.- Officer cuff-title with "Florian Geyer" in silver bullion.- "French" officers turn back cuffs.- Ribbon for Iron Cross.- Shoulder boards for "SS-Brigadeführer" - And dagger hanger.

- Breeches (riding trousers) in superb ww2 quality is included!

Read more about Brigadeführer H. Fegelein and Florian Geyer here.

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